Facial Lesson

Everyone can be a holistic facial therapist

True beauty is revealed when the body and mind are in balance. Holistic facial treatment brings us deep relaxation and improve a sense of wellbeing by gentle touch and beautiful natural skincare products.

Experience the joy of giving holistic facial therapy for your loved ones. Surprisingly therapist can also feel healing effects during facial therapy. YouTime hope that many people in Singapore will enjoy a fulfilling time with our facial lessons.

YouTime Facial Lessons

[ 1 Day Workshop / 2.5hr $200 ] * 2 person / 3.5 hr $380
This lesson aims to simply enjoy giving facial treatment and experience pure organic skincare items. You will be guided how to safely and comfortably perform a relaxing facial. Suitable for couples, as a gift or trial for further lessons.

* The contents can be customized according to individual needs.
* Please bring a facial model (Please inform us if you’re not able to bring a facila model)

[ 4 Day lesson / 12 hr $600 ]
In this 4 day lessons, you will get fundamental knowledge of the skin and detailed Japanese style facial techniques as well as the ideas to improve our sense of wellbeing. You will be confidently able to perform a 60min full facial treatment at the end of the workshop.

Workshop contents
– Skin structure and functions
– Facial muscles, venous and lymph
– Skin and mind
– Basic of essential oils and plant oils
– Cleansing, exfoliation, face massage, mask, shoulder and head massage

* Please bring a facial model (Please inform us if you’re not able to bring a facila model)
* Original text will be provided
* Free follow-up session will be available

Founder Therapist

Originally from Tokyo, Japan. Keiko specializes in beauty aesthetics and natural beauty therapy. She has over 10 years of experience as an internationally-certified beauty therapist in spa boutiques and hotels across Japan, Malaysia and Singapore. She enjoys immersing in nature and values having self-care time to enhance her personal well-being. And You Time is founded on such belief.