$ 130 / 75 min

Tailored for individual skin type using organic skincare products to support healthy skin.
Chase away the dullness, and boost hydration with the healing property of organic medicinal plants that calms the skin and enhances its natural and healthy glow. It is also suitable for those interested in natural skincare and natural lifestyle.


$ 150 / 90 min

MEGURI means metabolism in Japanese, this intensive treatment provides skin oxygen, blood and skin-friendly plant essences to boost healthy skin turnover by using medical grade high-concentration Carbon Dioxide Mask. Combined with Organic skincare and the releasing face and decolletage lymphatic massage, skin looks clean, fresh and beautifully toned.


$ 180 / 90 min

” Positive Ageing For All Skin ” Sentéales is a luxurious, botanical skincare brand from Paris that combined traditional plant therapy and modern pharmacological technology to achieve the elegant skin for all women. The effective prification steps using traditional aromatic steam and clarifying essential oil awake your skin to absorb pure plant essences. Sentéales facial address a wide range of skin concerns, from anti-ageing to dry, dehydrated skin and redness/rosacea, alternatively if you’re looking to restore the positive energy and balance of your skin, you will receive the benefits by this aromatic sensory treatment too.


PHYT’S is 100% natural, bio active professional cosmetic brand from France using the highest quality, sustainable raw materials since 1972. PHYT’S treatments use a complete set of fresh glass ampules formulated for a single treatment. Experience the truly organic facial treatments to restore, renew and refresh your skin naturally.

PHYT’S Multi-Vita Aging Care $200/ 90 min
Total age defying care specially for the skin over 40. With alchemy of powerful vitamins (A, B, C, E), minerals (14 mineral salts), 16 amino acids, and a patented wheat protein (ceveble) proven in laboratory tests for its ability to preserve the integrity of collagen and elastin fibers, skin is smoothed and the ageing process is slowed. The face, neck and décolletage are all treated with an amino-acid and multivitamin-rich masque. Skin is left renewed and uplifted.

PHYT’S Brightening Care $188 / 90 min
Restore skin’s radiance and brighten up your skin and achieve your natural glow with PHYT’S patented PWE whitening extract that reduces melanin production, inflammation and anti-oxidant rich ingredients that remove toxins away from the skin. Skin imperfection is weakened, and will be smoother and translucent.

*All facial duration is approximate and may vary according to the skin condition.